New Carlisle Ohio News

Two People Escape Serious Injury in Serious Downtown Crash

A high-speed crash caused serious damage in downtown New Carlisle Tuesday evening.

According to initial reports, shortly before 8:30 p.m. a silver vehicle that appeared to be a Subaru was eastbound on Jefferson Street at a very high rate of speed. The Subaru ran the red light and struck a dark Toyota that was southbound on Main Street.

The force of the impact spun the Toyota around and it landed westbound on Jefferson Street.

The Subaru careened eastbound on Jefferson street taking out two light poles and several trees and caused serious damage to a house at 106 E. Jefferson St.

Debris from the crash was strewn down East Jefferson Street almost to Pike Street.

Initial reports indicated that the Subaru was stolen.

The Subaru was being followed by a Deputy with his overhead lights activated. It is unsre if the deputy had been chasing the Subaru or if he had just turned on his lights to initiate a traffic stop and the driver of the Subaru began to flee. We heard conflicting reports from witnesses.

The damage to the house was extensive. the porch was torn off, a few windows were shattered and decorative lions on either side of the porch were destroyed.

Witnesses estimated the speed of the Subaru to be as much as 90 MPH.

The impact was so hard that the engine of the Toyota was in pieces up and down Jefferson Street. Damage to the Subaru was so extensive that we had problems identifying the make. A piece from one of the vehicles was embedded in a light pole at the intersection.

There was also damage to a utility pole and its guy wires.

Despite the extensive damage, there were no serious injuries.

The intersection remained closed for several hours.